Our speaker on Jan. 29th was Tim Killeen, the Wayne County Commissioner.
Mr. Killeen has been the Commissioner for District 1 since 2007.  He provided an update on a few of the major projects he is working on as well as some of the day-to-day activities.
The major projects include: (1) his work with the Mental Health Authority which serve over 70,000 residents with mental disorders.  He believes it operates most efficiently as a non-profit and is fighting to keep it that way.  (2) The Lakeshore seawall is in serious need of repair and talks are progressing to obtain the 8-13 million in federal money that will be needed. 
On a more daily basis, he is working on a Jefferson Ave. crosswalk for students who will have to cross that street in the fall.  There will be road resurfacing on Lakeshore and Mack this summer and he’s working with a Mack Improvement Plan for Cadieux to Alter.  As a member of the auditing committee, he is a firm believer that sweating the small stuff helps save money.