District Governor Traci Sincock spoke to the club giving the annual "Governor's Report."
Traci talked about how Rotary International's goal for the year, as it battles back from the pandemic, is to put its members first and to recognize that every member is unique, and their differences should be embraced. With Jennifer Jones from our District as the first female RI President, diversity and inclusion are important themes for her year.
As the District level, Sincock asks that Clubs focus on the significant impact their projects have on their communities.  She promoted this with a Day of Service on September 17th, with 38 clubs participating.  She is asking for Clubs to concentrate on familiar current projects and to not overload what they want to accomplish.
Sincock promoted two upcoming events:  (1) A Holiday Party at Phoenix Mill on December 1st in Plymouth and (2) To celebrate the years accomplishments, the District Conference will take place from 5/5 to 5/7 at Caesars Windsor. Speakers will include RI President Jennifer Jones and Mitch Albom. You can register at www.rotary6400.org.