Posted on Dec 05, 2020
On December 5th, Safety vested Rotarians Judy Masserang and Diane Strickler teamed-up with members of Grosse Pointe Memorial Church to contribute to and run a food drive for the benefit of Second Mile Center charity.   Drive by donating Rotarians were Lisa Gandelot, Jackie Dale, Nina Gazel and Doris and Vince Van Tiem.  This picture was taken a few minutes after 10:00 am at the beginning of the event.  By the 11:00 a.m. closing two vehicles were filled.  GP Rotary is committed to future monthly food drives with GPMC, the next scheduled to happen Saturday, January 9 (not pictured: workers and contributors Mark Cory and Dick Allison).  JOIN IN NEXT MONTH TO FILL THREE VEHICLES!