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We meet Wednesdays at 5:30 PM
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Our Stories
Periodically Friends and Foundation of the Grosse Pointe Public Library have a book sale to make room on their selves for new books and to raise money for the libraries.  Those that do not sell get donated.  That's where representatives from GP Rotary, GP South Interact, GP North Interact and National honor Society stepped up to lend a hand.  Each volunteer hauled hundreds of unsold books out to the truck for donation. A heavy task made lighter with many hands.
Congratulations to Richard O’Neill for picking the joker and kudos to him for donating his winnings back to the Club!  Thank you to Charvat The Florist for the beautiful flower arrangement. Murray Davis was substituting for Florence Seltzer as the official raffle MC when Richard drew the magic card.  50% of the ticket sales go directly to the Grosse Pointe Rotary Foundation.  Thanks to Richard's generosity, this round contributed 100% of the $1,570 in ticket sales.
Kim Towar presented Ted Everingham with a Paul Harris x 6 pin.  Great job, Ted!  Making donations through automatic payments (Rotary Direct) is the way to go.
Kim emphasized the good that the RI Foundation does.  An incredibly high 91% of all money donated goes directly to projects.  Kim met a former Rotary Scholar who received a masters degree at MSU and is now the President of Ghana’s chief of staff.  He credits Rotary for his success.
Our presenter on Feb. 13th was Mary Short who is the Marketing & Programming Coordinator for the Grosse Pointe Public Library. (GPPL) 
As part of her job, Ms. Short is trying to increase public awareness, the number of cardholders, and the use of online databases.  She is also helping to create a new website and providing an overall refresh of the brand.  The GPPL’s strategy is to be an essential community resource with a key message of offering a free service to people of all ages in the Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods.
To make all of this happen, the GPPL has revamped its flyers and website with consistent colors and type face. It has increased its advertising and public relations though the GP newspapers and magazines and has enhanced its presence on social media.  It also has increased its community outreach which helps keep its name in the public.
Our presenter on Feb 6th was John C. Mozena, who is the President of the Center for Economic Development.
The Center was founded in 2018 as an independent, non-partisan, non-profit with a purpose of education and advocacy.  Its mission is to ensure Americans have all of the information they need to demand meaningful transparency, accountability, and reform of wasteful economic development subsidies and incentives in their local communities.

John presented a view of these incentives through the prism of the 4-Way Test.  Is it the TRUTH?: The proposed benefits derived
Nine Grosse Pointe Rotarians and a couple "tag alongs" friends volunteered there time at the Gleaners Food Bank in Detroit.  They bagged and boxed over 3,000 lbs. of sweet potatoes that will be dispensed to people in need.  Click on Read More to see some pictures of them in action.
Our speaker this week was Craig Donnellyis.  Craig is the WSU Assistant VP of Economic Development and Chief Strategy Officer of TechTown Detroit.
Mr. Donnelly focused on his work with TechTown, Detroit’s entrepreneurship hub.  Its purpose is to help tech startups and local businesses, as an incubator and accelerator. TechTown operates under three legs.
(1) Space:  It provides workspace at its location near Wayne State.  It has 30 full-time tenants and over 300 members who co-work where they can share desks and offices and use the facility for meetings and events. 
Ted Everingham talked about the Power of the Human Spirit in his continuing recovery from alcoholism. 
Ted was born in Buchanan, MI, grew up in Jackson, and described his childhood as a Norman Rockwell painting.  This idealistic life, at least from an outsider’s perspective, continued through college/law school, his becoming a husband and father, and then a successful lawyer at a prestigious law firm. 
This all changed at age 38...