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Our meetings are Hybrid Meetings.

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Our Stories
Adam Hollier, Director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency
The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency was created in 2013 and is the central coordinating agency, providing support, care, advocacy and service to veterans and their families. The agency works to identify and break down barriers that veterans face in employment, education, health care and quality of life. It does this by helping to connect veterans and their families to the federal and state benefits they have earned. 
Mr. Hollier believes that there are three important components as to how veterans should be treated: (1) recognize and thank them for their service; (2) encourage them to take advantage of all benefits available to them; and (3) actively pursue benefits on their behalf. Studies show that the very high suicide rate of veterans is cut by 50% when they utilize their benefits. He finds that many don’t seek them because their active duty was a bad experience, or they don’t consider themselves to be veterans because they served in a support capacity.  
While director, Mr. Hollier has been able to double the connection his agency has with Michigan veterans but believes there are still 200,000 outside the system. To learn more, go to (
 Cissie Cappola: New Member Presentation
John Mozena introduced Cissie and provided us with a brief background. She was born and raised in GP Farms, spent some time as a ski bum in Colorado, lived in the Chicago area for 45 years, and came back to live in Grosse Pointe for the last four.
Cissie shared the impact of a stroke she experienced in September 2021. While having drinks with friends she started speaking gibberish and was immediately taken to the hospital.  Fortunately, she was able to receive the tPA IV, but it still took her days to have limited speech. After two weeks of rehab, with her ability to speak being the most difficult to return, she was sent home.  A urinary tract infection, with symptoms similar to her stroke, put Cissie back in the hospital for 4 weeks, where she eventually had a pacemaker installed.
These health issues led to some despair, before Cissie finally accepted what happened and decided to take action and focus on hope.  A byproduct of this was her desire to become involved and, with a suggestion from Roger Hull in 12/21, our club (to its benefit) became a beneficiary of this commitment.
-- Amanda DeVeaux is a Wealth Management Associate with Morgan Stanley and lives in Harper Woods with her dog, Leland.
-- Todd Litton is the Director of Equipment Services US for Hillyard Inc., a company that manufactures and distributes cleaning solutions.  He lives in GP Farms with his wife, Holly, and their three children.
Please welcome both to the Club and help them become involved members.  
Ruth is the wife of Scott Matthews and the Director of The Second Mile Center in Detroit.  She teaches the children at the Center to “speak life”,
which is to be a positive force in the world.  As stated in Proverbs 18:21,
“Words kill, words give life, their either poison or fruit – you choose.” Her goal is to always put positive words in the air.
Every day, Ruth is confronted with “I can’t go to school” and “I can’t go to work”, which she responds with “yes, you can” and “let’s figure out a way to make it happen”.  To help these children find a better life, she tries to get them to believe they can do it, visualize it happening, and then work hard to achieve that goal.
In her own life, Ruth claims three statements daily: I am beautiful, I am loved, and I matter.  So that everyone can “speak life” to themselves, she  supports six daily rituals: (1) spend time with your creator first thing in the morning, (2) feed your spirit through prayer (read), (3) find some quiet time to reflect, (4) go to someone in your life for strength and support, (5) take random pauses to be thankful, and (6) encourage and believe in yourself.
Jef Fisk: Right Brain/Left Brian: Creativity Takes Many Forms
The right part of one’s brain is the basis for creativity while the left part is for analyzing. Most consider art to be the creation of music, performing, visual arts such as painting and pottery, and the written word.  Mr. Fisk believes that the business world presents its own opportunities to bring art and be creative.
He presented this by describing his own early journey as a singer/songwriter, a record producer (his own albums and others), and a photographer (fashion and industrial).  His career path then took a turn to information technology where he was a programmer, an IT manager, a professor, and a chief information officer.  Even in the technology field, he was able to be creative when designing computer programs, being a project leader, and with communications, such as newsletters, presentations, role playing, and videos.
Throughout his business career, Mr. Fisk has continued to work and perform with GP Theatre at many levels, conduct fundraisers, and make online entertainment during Covid. To learn more, please visit (
Last Thursday (12/5), the Grosse Point Rotary Club and the Grosse Pointe Sunrise Rotary Club had their first joint holiday party at Bayview Yacht Club. Everyone had a great time with excellent food and fun company. 
Renata Conger, Parish Education and Youth Ministry Coordinator at First English Evangelical Church -- Workcamp summer program.
The purpose of Workcamp is to bring together high school students, along with adult supervisors, from around the country to repair homes. The repair teams are made up of 5 students and one adult.
Workcamp is set up through an organization called Group Mission Trips.  GMT provides broad-stroke planning, staffing, and marketing to participants and it works with co-sponsors, like Ms. Conger’s Church, that build a team, fund repairs, and provides worksites.  The program also requires the help of the local community to provide lodging and hospitality.
The 2024 Workcamp is in Grosse Pointe from 7/7 to 7/13.  The hope is to have 400 attendees, who will work on 80 homes located within 30 minutes from GP North, where the participants will sleep on air mattresses.  Ms. Conger’s goal is to provide “radical hospitality” to inspire Workcampers and is asking those who live here to bring out their gifts, talents, and resources that week.
To make a donation, please go to (
On November 29th we were joined by Nicole Valentini, MSW, the Development Director for BuildOn Detroit.
BuildOn is a national organization, operating in five regions, with the Detroit branch being formed in 1993. Its mission is to break the cycle of illiteracy and low expectations through service and education.  
The Detroit branch operates in 4 of the 14 Detroit public schools, with the hope to extend into all of them. It has Engagement Specialists in each school, partnering with teachers and operating as mentors, looking to recruit students into their program.  Their strategy is to engage 9th graders and focus on dispute resolution and community action.
In addition to partnering with other service organizations for local projects, BuildOn wants students to think globally.  They do this by offering 12-day international service projects.  97% of the students in the Detroit program graduate from high school.
To donate or register for an upcoming event, please go to
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