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Our Stories
Over 49 years, Rufus has travelled to all 252 countries in the world.
When he retired early from teaching in 2012, he discovered he was only 42 countries short of reaching this mark, so he set out to complete his list. The final country was Libya, which he was able to visit in 2017. In planning for his trips, Rufus divided the countries into three groups: physically challenging, like climbing the base of Mt. Everest in Nepal; politically difficult (dangerous); and expensive, which included south Pacific locations. Three of the most dangerous were Burundi, which is very repressed; Iraq, which he visited during the war; and Chad, which allowed very few Americans into the country.
Rufus is the author of three books that describe his travels with humor: Longitude and Latitude, with Attitude: One Man’s Quest to See the Entire World; Joyriding with a Terrorist in Yemen: and other Travel Tales; and Drowning in all Seven Continents. He also continues to give presentations, with pictures, at all three middle schools.
Mike lives in Grosse Pointe with his wife, Catherine, and their two daughters, ages seven and four. He moved here because of work, expecting to stay a year or two, but fell in love with Grosse Pointe and Detroit.
His employer, Graham Media Group, owns seven local television stations around the country, including WDIV. The stations operate websites that provide breaking news, weather, and community news. As a Lead Developer/Architect, Mike builds software for these websites, including WDIV’s Click on Detroit. Local stations and media in this digital age are competing with Netflix and Amazon and Mike believes that local news, with compassionate stories offering solutions, is extremely important for communities. To keep this news flowing, he hopes everyone would be as willing to pay the same amount for local coverage as they are paying for streaming services. He is very proud of the staff at Click on Detroit and the service they provide, an example of this -- responding to each and every vaccine inquiry during the peak of Covid.
Mike was a Rotary exchange student to Turkey and is connected with Rotex, where non-Rotarians assist with exchange students. He felt the need to re-connect with Rotary and join our Club after sitting on a bench at the Tot Lot watching how much fun his daughters were having on the playscapes.
The Michigan Historic Preservation Network’s mission is to advocate for Michigan’s historic places to contribute to the economic vitality, sense of place, and connection to the past. History is viewed as static, but we are always learning new things and reinterpreting what we know. Historic preservation is a movement to reuse old buildings to create a link to the past in a meaningful way that helps create a community identity. For 24 reasons as to why historic preservation is good for your community, go to To learn more about the Network, please visit
Grosse Pointe Farms councilman Lev Wood presented on the efficiently, beauty, and need for rain gardens within the Pointes as Wednesday’s guest speaker.
Being on the city council, Mr. Wood’s goal is to be proactive in addressing flooding through hard engineering (cement) and soft engineering (soft gardens with pervious soil) which can slow the flow of water to the city’s sewer systems. Rain gardens are composed of deeply rooted, native plants which can also manage the flow from downspouts- making them suitable for the home garden, aswell. 
District Govenor Aruna Koushik thanked individual members of the Club for what they have done: Kim Towar for helping with the District Directory, Dave Colton, for being a “hope champion” following her theme of “illuminating hope” by giving water/Gatorade to sanitation workers, and Ted Everingham for becoming a Major Donor. Money received from those like Ted have just provided 45 artificial limbs for those in need in India.
The District’s goal for donations to the RI Foundation is $275,000. The District recently raised $10,000 through a skydiving event for Polio eradication, which turned into $30,000 with matching funds.
Each Club is being asked to submit an essay describing a service project that “illuminates hope” that will be put together in a magazine format for the District Conference. The Conference will take place from May 5-12, 2022 at the Grand Hotel. To show support for the District Governor and to learn more about Rotary, please register for two upcoming virtual events. On 10/30, from 9:00am to 11:00am, is One Rotary Summit, where Rotarians will share their successes with increasing membership, supporting the foundation, and launching service projects. On 11/9 at 7:00pm is Together We Grow, a foundation and membership event which will feature Jennifer, Jones, the RI President for 2022-2023.
You can register for these events and the District Conference at
The Chandler Park Conservancy is a non-profit corporation, formed in 2014 by the Chandler Park Promise Coalition.  Its mission is to develop exceptional educational, recreational and conservation opportunities for youth, and people of all ages. Its vision is of a revitalized Park, which is a 200-plus acre park owned by the City of Detroit. Annual visitors have increased from 5,000 before the Conservancy to 65,000 pre-Covid. The Conservancy has five areas of concentration: (1) Greening the community through environmental leadership by maintaining marshland, having a self-contained storm water management system, and providing ecology-related education; (2) Improving community health through sports and recreation; (3) Building community through sports with basketball courts, tennis courts, a football/lacrosse field used by local youth teams, and a soon to be opened skate park; (4) Sustaining the community through urban gardening; and (5) Exercising leadership for a Citywide Detroit Park Coalition. To help the Conservancy, consider championing a project, connecting it with donors, donating money personally, or volunteering.
Rotary of Grosse Pointe was represented by 10 Rotarians on Wednesday, October 6, clearing blight from a Detroit neighborhood during the Life Remodeled 2021 Six Day Project. They were part of hundreds of volunteers mobilized to bring new life to six square miles surrounding the Durfee Innovation Society in the Central High School area.  
“Send your child to college, leave your money at home,” guest speakers LaTonja Muhammad and E. Brian Cox advised at tonight’s meeting.
The team shared that message and their efforts through College Planning Genius to save families thousands in college tuition.
“College costs have increased by around 14,000% since the late 1970s,” Muhammad said, “and the No. 1 reason students drop out of college is because they run out of money.”
By advising families through scholarships, grants and loans, their organization does the unthinkable: it sees 85% of its students graduate in 4 years, without immense debt.
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